Roulette is purely a game of chance but over the years some players have managed to beat the system. If there was an official Roulette Hall of Fame it would include these notorious names:

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger was born in Britain in 1830 and he’s one of Roulette’s most famous faces. He realised that wheels could be biased and he used a team to track results at the Monte Carlo Casino. He went back to the casino and won what would today be about £3 million, earning him the title The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.

Charles WellsCharles Wells was a legendary player and a notorious criminal. In 1891 he went to Monte Carlo and played roulette for 11 hours. He was successful with 23 spins out of 30 and broke the bank a dozen times. This happens when a player wins more chips than a table has in stock. He won about 1 million francs and inspired the Fred Gilbert song The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carl. He returned to the casino and earned another million francs after winning 5 consecutive spins betting on the number 5. He used the Martingale system and died poor in 1922.

Micheal AshleyMichael Ashley is a billionaire from England and the owner of Newcastle United Football Club but he’s also famous for playing roulette at the Fifty London Casino in 2008. He placed a complete bet which is betting on the number and color, whether it’s odd or even, and if it’ll be high or low. He picked 17 and won £1.3 million.

One of the biggest ever winners in a progressive online slot game was Georgios M from Greece. He used a five euro coin to play Mega Moolah at the River Belle Casino in 2009 and won a jackpot of £5.3 million.

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